New course now available! 70 Old Time Melodies for Chromatic Harmonica!

I currently have 3 harmonica courses for sale. Improvising Chromatic Harmonica Volume 1 and 2 both work through the fundamentals of scales and arpeggios in 4 keys so you will cover 8 keys if you go through this material. The fundamentals prepare you for improvisation over the blues. I cover blues lessons in the same four keys. Not sure when Volume 3 will be complete but the idea is that with Volumes 1,2, and 3 you will cover all 12 keys. My third product is the Old Time Melodies deal that you see in the video above.

Some of my history: I started playing chromatic in 1982 after a few years of saxophone and blues harmonica study under my belt. The instrument baffled me at first but then I noticed that if I approached it like a woodwind instrument and applied basic disciplines such as scales and arpeggios that I began to make progress. But I also found myself approaching the instrument from a blues harmonica players perspective as well and that has certainly informed my improvisations. I have a real passion for helping diatonic blues players get acquainted with the chromatic. I also have a passion for playing the instrument in multiple keys.

This site is your gateway to some free instructional videos from my YouTube site. Some of the videos here on the site will have supplementary PDFs. Please click here to tune directly into my YouTube site.

NOTE : Volume 1 DVD’s are now on sale! Only $20 plus shipping!