10 Reasons to Practice the Major Scale

  1. It will connect us to the harmonica with better tone and time.
  2. It allows us to work out ahead of time which F and C we will use.
  3. The number system that musicians use is based entirely on the major scale.
  4. We will learn the names of the notes on the harmonica.
  5. It will help us in improvisation and/or composition.
  6. It will help us if we read music.
  7. It will help us to pick out melodies by ear in different keys.
  8. When we study one major scale we are also learning 6 other scales.
  9. It gives us a base that helps us learn other types of scales outside of major scale modes i.e. melodic minor, be bop, and pentatonic.
  10. It gets us ready to start learning scale patterns.