Rob Paparozzi Reviews Volume 1 of My Harmonica Method

If you don’t know about Rob here is a link to his bio on Wikipedia and here is his website. Rob Paparozzi is an amazingly diverse and accomplished harmonica player on both diatonic and chromatic instruments and a fine vocalist as well. He has had, and continues to have, an impressive career with some pretty big names he can drop including B.B.King, Dr. John, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton, Carole King, Roberta Flack, Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper, and more. Did I mention he also plays piano and guitar?

I contacted Rob because he is both a luminary figure in the harmonica community as well as a nice guy. I asked him to take a quick look at my course and then just give me a few quotes I could use for marketing. He wound up taking a very thorough look at all the videos and sent me the follow review which also gives a peek into his own teaching approach and his brilliant use of Elligton tunes with his students.

Hey Ross, I was able to get thru both of your instructional DVDs. You may have already started or even finished the next volumes you mentioned. My one question is do you provide any written materials with the course either hard copy or online? Just wondering…

I really like your conjoined approach of Chromo and Diatonic as we know many players have experience on one or both and exploring the difference and similarities goes a long way. I also dig how you take on and clearly explain all the big issues that confuse the beginner like 3 C’s and the E/F enharmonic decisions etc. We’ll done… As well as ornaments and tastefully using the button and the ‘sweet’ spots n turns in all the keys. That important stuff as we know.

One of your biggest assets is your theory knowledge from sax & keyboard which steers the student to the ‘real’ secret of understanding music, becoming a better musician and bringing it all back to the harp! The scales and arpeggios are on the money and the improv demos introducing each key is superb and really a fabulous intro to the new key of study.

Really great that you give examples of ‘tunes’ n standards for them to further investigate. A big part of my teaching along with the Scales n Arpeggios are the Songs. I use “Wine and Roses” for F then pick a relative minor tune like “In a Sentimental Mood” for Dm. I love using Duke tunes as they’re SO bluesy yet complicated in their chromaticism.. If my students play both we learn “Mellowtone” on both axes and it helps them a lot in a bluesy bag.. The ultimate final exam is ‘Sophisticated Lady’,-)

Anyway, I think your DVD is a terrific package covering all the juicy stuff with answers that encourages the student to continue on with doing the grunt work needed to build “chops” but always maintaining a respect for the holy ‘Melody’!,-)

Ps.. I thoroughly enjoyed your CD of originals and really dug the production of the recording… bravo Keep doing what your doing! Rob

Thanks to Rob for looking at my course and letting me know I did it right! You can study with Rob via Zoom (see his website) or you can purchase 3 video lectures from the my music masterclass site.