Improvising Chromatic Harmonica for the Modern Musician – Volume 1

101 students

Students will gain a foundation starting with mastering the major scales in four keys and then progressing on to mixolydian and dorian scales and arpeggios. Foundational technique will be put to use in a fun and practical manner as Ross uses the framework of the 12-bar blues to teach improvisation over this familiar set of chord changes. Volume 1 covers the keys of C, F, G, and D.

The instrument begins to unlock its treasure trove of possibilities to the student as various slide ornaments and other expressive devices continually unveil themselves with diligent practice. It quickly becomes obvious that the C harmonica can indeed be played in multiple keys and eventually in all keys. The only barrier to growth and exploring these possibilities is the amount of time and effort the student puts into it.

A lifetime of musical satisfaction awaits as the student is challenged to approach the instrument with a comprehensive and disciplined approach.