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Harmonica Courses

Volume one covers the basics of navigating the keys of C, F, G, and D. Then I show you some tips to playing the blues in those 4 keys. Of course blues licks are very portable. You can apply them to lots of styles of music with great success.

Volume two follows the same format as Volume one but we cover the key centers of Bb, Eb, A, and E. This volume includes more visual aids including harmonica tablature and some additional exercises in standard notation. Backing tracks for the scale lessons and blues lessons are provided.

If you would rather have a physical product shipped to you i.e. a set of 2 DVD discs please click HERE. NOTE: DVD’s for Volume 1 only.

“Well worth the investment. Better than anything I have tried before and I’m a bit of a harmonica training junky. This is different, and well thought out. Great job!”

Grant in El Granada, CA