How to Register for Site and Purchase Streaming Version of Volume 1

  1. Click the course image on the Harmonica Courses page
  2. click the Buy this Course button
  3. ignore username and password fields and click “create new account”
  4. enter a username of your choosing and your email address
  5. wait for the email (check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive soon)
  6. click the link to set a password
  7. log in to the site using your user name and password
  8. You will find yourself under the hood of my wordpress account as a registered user. No need to mess with profile information just click “learn the chromatic harmonica” in upper left to bring you back to the regular website view.
  9. go back to where you started, harmonica courses, and click buy this course
  10. THEN it should bring you to a checkout page with an option to pay via PayPal (whew!)
  11. In order to get to the lessons, go back to where you started and click volume 1 image again. The appearance will change and you will get an orange header and you will see the lessons table of contents and you can click those to get started.
  12. To log back in you can use the login option in the right sidebar below my mailing list thing OR you can click Buy Course again and it brings up the login screen. No worries you won’t have to pay again.

My website plugin people say that a more elegant checkout and purchase experience will be available in the future but, for now, this is the way it works. Video tutorial below for a walk through of the above process: